Ionetix- Kinetic Desk Toy

Ionetix- Kinetic Desk Toy

Ionetix- Kinetic Desk Toy

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The Magic Ball That Does It All

At last, a magic ball that does it all. Introducing Ionetix- A ball that's more than just a cool toy but a life necessity.

Super easy to use and works in just seconds. Simply lay it on the desk, rotate it and watch just how mind-blowing this thing gets

 Creating a mesmerizing illusion that isn't just entertaining but also helping to relieve stress and improve overall mental health.

And lastly, it helps in recruiting more motor neurons and helps recruits more neuropathways in your brain. Increasing your focus like no other and keeping your brain sharp.

It's not just its amazing spinning people that thousands of our repeat customers love so much about Ionetix- It's also its ability to improve your overall brain function and in return helping you live a more functional, stress-free life.

Key Benefits

Relieves Stress- Especially for those who always seem to be overworked throughout the week. Not only it relieves stress but it also allows you to become more focused and get into a relaxed state in just minutes.

Increases Focus-Recruits and creates more neuropathways for better focus and attention. Increasing your attention span and allowing you to be more productive.

Improves Brain Function- Helps to recruit more motor patterns and helps you to use more parts of your brain. Allowing you to tap into your inner genius and work to the best of your abilities.


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